State of the App Business (1H2013)

Just a quick write up of interesting stuff I came across while surfing the web these last couple weeks ...

Apps Market Report / 1Q2013 (source: AppAnnie)

  • Google catching up on Apple -- Google downloads now 90% of Apple's and increasing
  • Apple making 2.6 times revenue of Google, but loosing ground
  • Games responsible for 70% of Apple's and 80% of Google's revenue
  • Download numbers this quarter for Google approx. 100 million, for Apple approx. 110 million
  • Revenue this quarter for Google approx. $50 million, for Apple approx. $130 million
  • Top 4 countries revenue wise for Apple >> USA, Japak, United Kingdom, China; making up approx 50% of total revenue
  • Top 4 countries revenue wise for Google >> Japan, South Korea, USA, United Kingdom; JP, South K & USA make approx. 70% of total revenue

iOS Revenue / US statistics (source: Catalyst)

  • Top 25 developers in the United States (24 of which are game developers) account for 50% of app revenue

Apps Revenue / 1Q2013 (source: Catalyst)

  • Apple, Google, BlackBerry and Microsoft made a combined revenue in 1Q2013 of $2.2 billion with apps
  • 74% of that amount went to Apple

Wake Up Call (source: App-Promo)

  • 80% of apps don't generate enough revenue to support a standalone business; 59% don't break even on development costs
  • 12% earn $50k or more (referred to as 'Top Earners')
  • Top Earners had an average of $30k as marketing budget
  • 68% of developers earned $5k or less with their most successful app

... for more cool numbers check out the source!