You've drafted your idea, checked assumptions, identified risks and decided to implement the product. Enjoy the moment for a bit, before it goes back to work for you!

Soon you'll notice that the situation changes at this point. Your interest for an idea becomes a commitment to a product. It's time to make plans, write specifications, contract implementations, invest time and secure funding.

IIS Labs is able to help you in this phase as well!

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

Warren Buffet

Building a product takes time and money. Unless you are willing and able to put your own money on the line, it's time to look for funding. Austria offers a variety of equity methods and funding programs, that can provide you with the necessary (pre)seed capital to start working on your product.

Funding is usually linked to conditions that you have do adhere in order to get the money. IIS Labs will help you to find the right program and funding for your product.

Funding requirements, business partners or your own aspiration to do propper business administration, will have you write a business plan for your product. The real value of this exercise is to concern yourself with all the different aspects that make a business. It's written proof of your work and should be checked and, if things changed, revisited regularly.

Especially with the technical and development specific parts of the business plan IIS Labs can actively help you. Results of other modules like 'Inhibitors & Quick Wins', 'Defining the MVP' or 'Prototyping' will come in handy at this point and reduce the time spent to create those paragraphs.

A requirements document is a technical description of your product and its functionality. Developers use such a document to estimate costs and implement a product. A good product specification helps to get comparable quotes from different software providers, resolves ambiguities and reduces the time until the implementation of a product can start.

IIS Labs offers you to write or support you with the creation of a requirements document.

We need entrepreneurs who plant orange trees and not managers who see their goal in pressing the last drop of juice from the oranges we picked.

Dr. Christoph Weiß Damned to top performance